About us

Our vision is to open the world for propels access and make sure people with disability have the same opportunities as those without special needs.

Our mission is making the environment more accessible for all with our expertise.

The founder of Massiraa

Nawal Benzaouia is passionate about challenging conventional ways to make our environment more « accessible » for people with specific needs. She starts her carrier as a social worker in France, Belgium, and Cameroun. 

The French woman is an inspiration to people in all walks of life, she wants to be where she can use her inclusive talent. Nawal projects, innovative initiatives, and partnerships with several international organizations and companies have been largely covered by the international press.

While she was graduating as an accessibility expert from one of the few schools providing training in this field, I.N.S.H.E.A PARIS, (the National Institute of training and research for the education accessibility of people with special needs and disability), she launched her own company, Massiraa, which performs and produce different services to companies and public organizations such as Accessibility audits (following the ADA, European, or UAE standards depending on the request ),  innovative projects and awareness training sessions. 

Lecturer and Guest Professor at the University of Hokkaido Japan, Nawal spreads her time between Japan, France, and the United Arab Emirates for projects related to accessibility.

Among the clients who have used services, provided by Massiraa, the following prestigious organizations spread around the world :

· The Arab World Institute in Paris, France.
· The Hokkaido Museum in Sapporo, Japan
· The Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo Sri Lanka

The team


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 Partner and Senior Manager

Dr. Maria A. F.  de Mello

Assistive Technology Specialist & Training Manager. 

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Web Accessibility Manager